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At Lamb Capital we strive to educate, inform and empower our clients to make well-informed and appropriate financial and investment decisions for themselves and for their families. Superior long-term performance comes from managing market risk. By utilizing defensive strategies that seek to reduce that risk, we create opportunities for enhanced investment performance.

In order to make the right decisions, we take the time to get to know you and understand what matters to you. We have a genuine personal interest and will spend time reviewing your past investment successes and losses before setting goals for the future.

Your plan should shape your investment decisions, not the other way around. Over time, we will benchmark your performance against your goals, not a random market index.

We work to earn your trust by moving forward together to educate, inform and empower you.


Studies have shown patterns in the economy that enable our company to recognize trends and help educate you while providing recommendations for your goals and investments. Having invested successfully for clients during the down periods, you will learn how we have consistently come out with leading results.


What happens once we decide on the right path for your investments? What is your money doing? We are accessible, to review your investments with you and consider changes, based on current conditions.

We found there was plenty of “buy” advice, but never any “sell” advice, even in bear markets. Knowing when to sell is crucial to obtaining superior long term investment performance. Our risk management disciplines are designed to protect and preserve our clients’ wealth against adverse market conditions.


While we know investing, you know what matters to you. We want you to understand and be part of the process. We’re relationship-driven. You can count on hearing from us often. In fact, your investment advisor should be calling you far more often than you call him. Once you have a basic understanding of how we manage your investments – you are part of the program, and are part of your long-term investment success.

What’s in Your best interest?

One very important distinction of your relationship with us is that we have a fiduciary responsibility to you.

The fiduciary relationship is a role and responsibility we take very seriously, and one Steve was held to as a tax lawyer for 20 years. If you know to ask, you will find that most financial advisors are not fiduciaries.

And many advisors are recommending investments they are paid to sell. Oftentimes, individual products will offer the advisor added compensation, depending on how the numbers are looking in any given month. Clearly – NOT in your best interest.

So if you are working with someone who does not have your best interests in mind and is receiving additional compensation based on funds or products sold, you can be assured that neither your money, nor your advisor are working for you.

In plain language, fiduciary means we are acting in your best interest; every decision we make is for your benefit.

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